International Business Women Forum "EUROWOMAN 2018"

International Business Women Forum "EUROWOMAN 2018"

понедельник, 25 декабря 2017 г.

1й INNER WHEEL Club создан в Украине на базе КУЖй Международный INNER WHEEL Club создан в Украине на базе Всеукраинского Клуба Успешных Женщин "ЖЕНЩИНЫ УКРАИНЫ"! Инициатором создания выступил Клуб-спонсор Молдовы (Аурелия Григориу).

Теперь у женщин Украины появилось еще больше возможностей для сотрудничества с активными женщинами Европы, Азии, Африки, Америки, Австралии! Ведь IW - это тысячи клубов в разных странах мира.

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Директор - Ирина Петровна Маринова

International Inner Wheel links together members all around the world, on every continent.

Members are able to communicate with one another through correspondence, exchange visits, and joining together in international projects. Presidential tours bring members closer together as they learn of Inner Wheel activities in vastly different territories. Clubs give service in their own community as well as looking beyond their national boundaries.

In order to appreciate fully the strength and traditions of Inner Wheel, one must of course, look back at the inspiration, devotion and vision of our Founder President Mrs Oliver Golding (Margarette), who formed the first Inner Wheel Club in Manchester in 1924, and also those members who have given such fine leadership over the years.

The roots from which International Inner Wheel has grown, were established in 1934 when the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland was formed with Mrs Oliver Golding as the Founder President and Mrs Nixon as Secretary, both being members of the Manchester Club, England. They realised that unity is strength and had the wisdom and foresight first, to group Clubs into Districts and then, later to bring the Districts together to form an Association.

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Социальный проект МАМА
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